Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not so much fun on the trampoline

On Sunday, November 13th we finished lunch and headed over to the neighbors to bring them a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" dinner. As we were walking back across the street, I thought it would be a great idea to jump on the trampoline. The weather was just beautiful and we really needed some outside time. We all took turns and I bounced Kade a few times. We were laughing and sharing stories....just a great afternoon. Krew started to get a bit fussy so I took him in for a feeding and Mike stayed with Kade. About 30 minutes later I heard knocking at the back door. I could not get up because Krew was still eating and I knew they would come around to the front. Sure enough they were soon at the front door and Mike was carrying a teary eyed 7 year old. I had to first calm Mike down before I could check on Kade. Kade pointed to the area around his knee and said it hurt. I had him try to stand and his leg buckled. I knew right then that his leg was broken. I then started to get upset.....but I had to remember that Kade would be as calm as we were. I quickly go online to check him into the emergency room (love that you can do this now) and called mom to come and keep the baby. We headed to Lake Pointe Hospital and they took us back right away. The xrays began and I was curious as to why they were focusing on the upper part of his leg. It never crossed my mind that it was his femur, but it was. He had broken his femur, the hardest bone to break in your body. They informed us that we would be transported by ambulance to Children's Hospital in Dallas. WHY? They felt more comfortable with a pediatric orthopedic taking a look at Kade and deciding whether or not he needed surgery. SURGERY? This terrified me, but I did remain calm (very proud of myself). They put on a temporary cast so that Kade felt more comfortable and off we went.

The ambulance driver said that we would be seen quickly since we were being transported with them. This was reassuring. We arrived at 7:30 (keep in mind that Kade had not eaten since 2:30 and they wouldn't let him in the event he needed surgery), a few nurses came to get Kade set up, and then we waited.......and waited.......and waited........and waited. It was now 2:30 am and the nurse cornered the doctor to find out when he was going to see us. He shrugged his shoulders and said he had some things to take care of. I watched him enter data on a computer for an hour and then he walked past us without an acknowledgement and that is when I came out of seat. I know that it's always best to stay calm, but I couldn't. Kade had not eaten in over 12 hours and he was miserable. I confronted that doctor, probably not in the best way, but my confrontation had us out of there within the hour with a cast and directions to see the doctor on Thursday. I know that Children's hospital does wonderful things for sick children, but our visit was not pleasant.

After we left, we found the nearest 24 hour McDonalds and got my baby some food!

The next day, Angels of Care dropped off a wheel chair for Kade. The hospital tried to get him to walk out on crutches and he fell.

Obviously Kade stayed home for the rest of the week and on Thursday, we took him back to Children's to see the orthopedic. It was determined that he did not need surgery. WOOOHOOO!!!! He would be re-evaluated in one month.

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